Tsujiri Sakura Cream | Mini Food Review



Just a little mini review today! Anyone who is a fan of matcha should know about Tsujiri in Soho, they’re a matcha dessert place that’s apparently 155 years old and they exist in like, over 10 countries around the world so I guess they’re a pretty big deal. I love them because they specialise in matcha flavoured things, plus they have hojicha too, which is actually my favourite tea flavour lol!! I also love fad seasonal items so I was pretty excited when I saw they had a sakura cream special range of drinks, especially because it’s pretty rare to see sakura flavoured things here.

So I ended up ordering the Sakura Cream Yuzu Tea (£5.70 size large) as well as the Hojicha Shaved Ice because I always seem to order that lol. The shaved ice is always great and never disappoints – it’s a delicious refreshing shaved ice with matcha, red bean paste, little mochi dumplings, a chestnut (my fave bit) and layers of hojicha soft serve. It never disappoints!!

The Sakura cream tea though…. it was honestly just so weird omg. The cream is like the kind of mousse topping you get at bubble tea places (what IS that topping btw? I can’t figure it out but it’s delicious and I want to know!!!) but instead of like a neutral flavoured cream it’s plum flavoured? Like a sweet, slightly tangy plum cream mousse. This was actually delicious and I loved it but then you mix it with the yuzu tea and it’s like what in the tarnation is this flavour combo? The yuzu tea alone is delicious and fruity, basically like those Korean citron teas with the preserved fruit peels in at the bottom. But the fruitiness does NOT mix well with the cream omg. It’s not like particularly bad or horrible tasting but it’s not good either? Literally the only word I can use to describe it is weird lmao. I’m so sure the cream topping would be delicious with the matcha latte or the hojicha latte cause they’re both creamy milk-based drinks, but it does not go well with the yuzu wtf.

I just really wanted to blog about this to let people know in case they’re considering this combo lmao. Everything else is delicious and I love Tsujiri but pls… don’t get the sakura cream yuzu tea haha. Especially because it was ridiculously priced at like £5 as well! Has anyone else tried? Let me know your thoughts!!