Icéclairs | Mini Food Review



Another mini review for you guys! Keep seeing this hyped up lately on the internet and I finally got to try this out with Aneeqa the other day! These are ice cream filled eclairs made in a little cart just outside the Melba at the Savoy Hotel. You pick your ice cream flavour as well as however many toppings you want, a selection of glazes as well as sauces and according to online costs £4.95 but I swear it was cheaper than that?

So the ice cream flavours range from dark chocolate, wild berries, salted caramel, pistachio and vanilla. All the eclairs are already pre-made and sat in the freezer, waiting to be picked up and glazed and topped with. We chose pistachio as the ice cream flavour, though I have to say, literally could not taste any pistachio at all lmao. The ice cream was very whatever but I guess all the toppings distracted you from the low quality of it?

As for the toppings, I really appreciated the selection and how you could have as many as you wanted. They even had a variety of colours of popping candy!!!! We chose the rose petals, pistachios, freeze dried berries and the gold coloured popping candy as well as a dark chocolate glaze, though we opted out of a sauce.

We also got a regular éclair just because, you know, wouldn’t have been fair not to. It was the Peach Melba flavour and although it was very delicious and the filling was very nice, there was very little peach melba taste to it.

Gotta say, although the pastry was decent in both eclairs, the iceclair pastry held up especially well considering it was sitting in the freezer, the flavours for both just weren’t super amazing. It just felt like overall the taste were a bit lacking?

They definitely look gorgeous and impressive though and I’m not gonna lie, deffo partially bought the eclairs just for the photos, but I doubt I will be going back to pay £5 for something lacking in taste lol.

(ALSO sidenote, probs being biased here, but I feel like both the pistachio ice cream and the choux pastry made at Chin Chin are a lot higher in quality overall than the Savoy lol…)