Sketch Afternoon Tea… Again | Food Review



So it’s basically halfway through the year (I think?) and I’ve already been to Sketch twice so far, which is pretty good I feel like haha. As anyone who knows me knows, Sketch is my favourite place in London for afternoon tea, given its value and service and aesthetics and everything really. However, this year the price has risen from its previous more affordable ~£45 per person to a higher £58 per person. I was shocked when I went earlier this year because I didn’t realise the price increased but I don’t think it really hinders me from coming back again, as they’ve now added more things on the menu.


As well as the usual unlimited amounts of sandwiches, pastries, scones and cakes, the new addition is a little ‘egg’ and toast soldiers starter with a spoonful of caviar!! As a bougie bitch with way too expensive taste, this makes me sooo pleased because I will happily take any chance to eat caviar and this alone makes it worth the extra price increase tbh. There’s a man going around called the Caviar Man with a massive tub full of caviar, dishing out portions in cute little mother of pearl spoons, it’s truly amazing!! The egg and soldiers are delicious as well, with the egg being a little pudding thing served in a fake egg shell, made out of a comté cheese mornay for the white and an actual egg yolk for the yolk.

The sandwiches and pastries have also changed a bit too. I am SO sad they got rid of the best sandwich, which was the croque monsieur wrapped in little packages with bows. But the sandwiches now are still good and I really like the variety of the breads used in them as well.

The pastries, I think, have changed for the better and the best thing they have is the little pistachio petit choux! I think they used to have the same thing on the menu but it used to be smaller and just the one choux bun, instead of having two stacked on top of each other. I just feel like somehow this looks more impressive? And of course the warm little scones with clotted cream and fig jam are delicious but usually at this point I’ve filled up too much on sandwiches to eat a whole scone.

I’ve actually never eaten any of the cakes from the trolley they offer at the end, which is either a Victoria sponge or a fudge banana loaf, because I am always way too full and I have still not learned how to pace myself yet. But I guess that’s why I need to go *again* to actually try it out for once! Another thing I need to try out is more of the teas as well, because I still haven’t even managed to try even half of the selection that they have, but I love that you can have as many kinds of tea as you want during the meal. One tea I’d really like to mention is that their matcha is really pleasantly surprising and it’s like a proper matcha and not just a green tea!

Another thing that I love about Sketch is that the service is always really great, everyone is always really attentive and lovely, which I guess is to be expected when you’re paying so much for a meal lol. This time when I went, the scones took a while to arrive and even though we didn’t notice and none of us complained about it, they apologised about it and took the service charge off the bill! I felt like that was really lovely of them.

Has anyone else been to Sketch for afternoon tea since they’ve changed their menu? Let me know what you think in the comments please!