Silver Hair with Knight & Wilson | Beauty Review






Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom Misty Grey 717 (£7.99, Superdrug)

So I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a dark silver/grey hair colour before I go back to being fully pink again and I’ve been kind of randomly testing out a couple of products in order to achieve this. I know there are a lot better dyes on the market but I’ve basically been trying easily accessible products because I haven’t seen many reviews of them and I was curious to see what they were like.

This Knight & Wilson range of dyes always have a huuuuge range of colours in Superdrug and I’ve used their “rose gold” toner before so I just wanted to test out what this was like, because I was in the shop anyway and I thought I might as well lol. So this post is not sponsored in any way BUT if Knight & Wilson or any other hair companies would like to sponsor me I would have no objections to this!! Haha.

I was actually a bit confused by the packaging because they had another shade of silver called Silver Blonde but on both boxes they had the same colour shown as examples for the two different products? Also they have a range of ‘permanent’ silver dyes, though apparently they aren’t as permanent as they claim and I might try them next.

So as you can tell, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to expect with this product. My previous (half hearted) attempt at silver was just leaving in silver shampoo in for too long which resulted in a lavender-y colour and after the confusion with the packaging, I then saw that this dye was really purple-y in colour so I was a bit dubious as to what colour my hair would turn out after this. But I was actually kind of pleasantly surprised with the outcome?

As with most unnatural coloured hair dyes, this one is another one of those ‘semi permanent’ that you can dilute with conditioner to get a lighter shade. I’ve been dying my hair for like, over 5 years now and even though directions normally say to leave it in for 15-30 minutes, I usually leave it in for way longer or sometimes even sleep in it. I’m not actually sure if it helps with the longevity of the colour but I am lazy and it doesn’t actually harm the hair so I don’t see any harm in it. With this dye, I left it in for a bit more than an hour and I could see the dye actually changing colour from the purple-y grey to a more actual silver-y grey colour.

You can probably see in the pictures, the roots and my fringe of my hair did actually get quite silver. It’s a lot more silver than the middle half, which is my fault for not getting rid of the purple before dying it, but I was surprised at just how silver it got. It’s a bit more purple in tone irl but I’m not displeased about it. I think if you used this on straight up bleached hair it would probably be a lot better with the silver colour and it’s actually quite metallic looking rather than just a matte grey so that’s alright!

So basically I wasn’t blown away by the product but I was pleasantly surprised and I think it’s a good way of trying out this kind of silver colour cheaply without actually committing. My only main gripe with this is that it’s supposedly an ‘extra large’ packaging but I barely had any leftover after using it on not even all of my hair but other than that, it was pretty good!