Fishnets and Fur | Outfit of the Day


Coat VINTAGE | Necklace GOGO PHILIP | Bralette TOPSHOP | Skirt TOPSHOP | Fishnets ASOS | Boots ASOS

So another going out outfit this time! I really struggle with deciding what to wear when going out sometimes cause despite the outfits I wear and the pictures I take, I am actually so ridiculously self conscious of my body and it’s really difficult trying to find the right line between being comfortable but also looking good. And by comfortable, I mean feeling comfortable with myself and not how comfortable the clothes are, because I am a-ok with wearing uncomfortable clothes as long as I look fire. Don’t wanna get too deep about body positivity and all that but I just think it’s important when getting dressed to ignore that voice in your head that says ‘ur fat n ugly’ because it’s just chatting shit and this outfit is honestly fire tbh hahahaha. Anyone else go through this same thing every time you’re getting dressed as well??