Eyelash Extensions | Beauty Review

Ok so people have been asking me to do this post for like a long time and I’m finally getting off my ass to write about a guide to semi-permanent eyelash extensions! I’ve been getting them on and off for a good few years after wearing false eyelashes like, every day and they have been a godsend tbh!

I’ve been cursed with super straight, invisible¬†asian lashes that don’t curl no matter whatever the fuck I do so I’ve always had to wear fake eyelashes to get them to show up. (Btw those are the only decent-ish pictures I can find of me without extensions because I’ve had them for so long I don’t have any proper pictures of my pre-extensions, sorry!) But the main reason I switched to extensions is that they’re so much easier!! Like I wake up and I already have nice lashes and it’s made me feel less self conscious about going out without makeup as well.

When I decided to start getting lashes done on the regz, it was kind of a struggle because I would just usually go on Treatwell/Wahanda and find the most decent place but there were loads of annoying factors like pricing (lashes are hella expensive!!) and availability (for some reason you always have to book like 4 weeks in advance or whatever and I don’t plan ahead enough for that shit), as well as the fact that most white people don’t really know about how Asian lashes work as well so they would never do them curled enough for my liking. But anyway, to save you the struggle of all the shit that I’ve been through, I’m gonna teach you my wisdom and guide you through eyelash extensions!

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