Aqua Shard Breakfast | Food Review


Sooo very belated considering I went to Aqua Shard in February but I’ve been so bad with food posts lately! I came here with my ride or die Aneeqa to celebrate Galentine’s Day, as we had the ridiculous idea of getting breakfast and seeing the sunrise or whatever, somewhere in the Shard seemed to be the perfect place.

Firstly, just wanted to say that the setting was actually really nice and I was pleasantly surprised considering I don’t really tend to care for views like that, especially as London doesn’t have the best view lol. We were seated right at the window and the one thing I really enjoyed was the fact that both seats were next to each other, facing the window. It was actually really nice seeing the buildings around and with the weather, it reminded me of Peter Pan hah. We booked our table for something ridiculous like 7 or 8am so we were one of the only two tables there, and I’m glad we did because it was really lovely with just us, the ambiance was great.

As for the food, the menu is actually quite large for breakfast and they had loads of items I really wanted to try, including the Macsween’s Haggis with fried duck eggs (£14.50) and Real Cornish Crab scrambled eggs (£15.50) but I ended up going with the Set Breakfast Menu (£29 pp) for maximum food items, which included tea or coffee, juice, pastries, AND a choice of a main. I chose the Lobster Benedict (£22) cause I wanted to get my money’s worth innit. It was actually so much food and I really struggled to finish it, but at least I got my money’s worth lol!!!

I was really excited about the Lobster Benedict because it’s eggs benedict with lobster but the lobster bit itself was actually a bit of a letdown. Everything else was amazing, the eggs were amazingly runny, the hollandaise was so deliciously buttery but the lobster was quite tough and definitely overcooked. I really wish I said something to the staff but I forgot.  Everything else was really well done though, so I doubt this will prevent me from visiting again.

I also liked how they had a decent tea and coffee selection, and the juice we had was freshly squeezed, though the orange juice was actually really sour so it was a bit hard to drink haha. For the pastries, we both chose to have a croissant and the blueberry muffin. At this point, I was so full I couldn’t even finish the muffin but I forced myself to finish the croissant hah. The pastries were decent but I’d definitely recommend the hot food if you were to go.

The service was also nice and friendly, the members were very lovely and accommodating, which I think definitely makes an impact to visiting a restaurant. Overall, I had a lovely time at Aqua Shard and I’d definitely recommend visiting if you want somewhere nice and fancy for breakfast! And I definitely recommend myself to visit again for lunch or dinner lol. Has anyone else been and had any thoughts about it?